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Welcome to Trailblazers, your partner on the path to a more fabulous, fulfilling, and joyful life

Are you an individual seeking guidance through life’s transitions or an organization striving for growth and excellence? Trailblazers is your unwavering partner, committed to guiding you every step of the way.

How does Trailblazers help in making your dreams come true?

Since 2018, we’ve been right here in Nairobi, helping entrepreneurs, individuals, and businesses like yours to find lasting success. You will find our friendly team, understanding, relatable, and practical in creating solutions specifically tailored just for you.

Having helped others achieve their business, personal, and career goals become reality, we want to do the same for you. To start, check out our services catalog below

Our Mission is to grow your dreams together.

Our aim is to improve your performance through capacity building and advisory services. We offer various services that are thoughtfully designed to cater to your unique needs and aspirations. They range from personal development coaching, career counseling, and leadership training to organizational development.

We believe in the profound connection between different facets of life – your career, relationships, health, and personal well-being. True success lies in achieving a harmonious balance across these dimensions. That’s why we dig deep beneath the surface, addressing the underlying factors that lead to genuine happiness and fulfillment.

Our Approach

What sets us apart? What distinguishes us is our holistic approach to personal and professional growth. We don’t just give advice; we provide solutions. By harnessing our expertise, methodologies, and cutting-edge tools, we stand by your side as you conquer challenges, unlock your potential, and chart a course to success

Personalized Help
Holistic Approach
Goal Driven

Start up and Entrepreneurship Support

we are dedicated to providing the guidance and support entrepreneurs need to start, run and grow a business to succeed easily


Business Advisory and management consulting Services​

Tailored solutions to support small businesses in achieving their goals and maximizing their potential. Our offerings include:


Personal growth and development Coaching​

personalized coaching and guidance to help individuals navigate life’s challenges, and enhance self-awareness, skills and mindset for personal success.



Are you stuck at searching for business ideas, strategic business plans, funding sources, growth hacks, or inspiring success stories to propel your business idea towards a thriving and sustainable business?


Business Profits

Looking for expert advisory services to grow your businesses efficiently like business plans, bookkeeping, marketing strategies, and proven management tips to take your MSME to the next level?


Career Growth

Wondering which are the best ways to learn, network, elevate your skills, seize opportunities, and navigate your professional journey with confidence and purpose for successful career growth and development?



Which is the best way to establish and navigate links with empathy and open communication to foster healthy connections, happiness and mutual growth in your personal and professional relationships?

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Our team of experienced and passionate consultants is committed to giving you personalized guidance and support.

S. K. Samuel

Executive Officer

Charity Sifa

Operations Officer

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