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Advice and tips for personal growth and development like online courses, personality tests, etc.


Learn how to start and run a successful business from scracth.


Attain financial freedom through money management and savings, budgets, working from home


How to make money online in Kenya

A list of the best ways you can make money online in Kenya with little investment. They include working online, online trading and earning passive income.


How to spend money wisely in Kenya 5 tips

5 tips to help you spend money wisely, make savings and avoid debts. Affordable budgeting Track all your expenditure Prioritize your expenses Adjust your Budgets Treat yourself

How to innovate an extra unique business idea

Learn the five musts or features of a unique business idea for sustainable profits and growth. Using the NERCM approach, they are a need, credible experience, resources, customers and a sound business model.

How to achieve personal financial freedom

Have you ever wondered how your finances will be after retirement or an unfortunate job loss today without notice? Financial freedom is hard for most people who depend on a monthly salary. A Slight disruption like lay off can run […]