How to pay your loans off faster?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss debt management; importance of managing debt, how to assess your debt, and strategies for paying it off. 


How to reduce your corporate tax in Kenya

3 legal ways to reduce your company income tax bill for businesses in Kenya. tax planning tactics are reduce gross income, increase deductions and finally take tax holidays & incentives

How to spend money wisely in Kenya 5 tips

5 tips to help you spend money wisely, make savings and avoid debts. Affordable budgeting
Track all your expenditure
Prioritize your expenses
Adjust your Budgets
Treat yourself

7 Secrets On How To Free Yourself Out Of Debt

Learn seven debt management tips for individuals and SMEs to stay free of loans. They are operating within your means, budgeting, delaying investments, using lease contracts, being frugal, reducing fixed costs and eliminating unnecessary costs.