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How to Make Money on Facebook, Best Strategies for 2024

This comprehensive guide delves into the strategies, examples, risks, challenges, mitigation measures, and success tips for making money on Facebook. Facebook has over 3.070 billion monthly active users, making it one of the...

Lazy Ways to Make money on your Phone in Kenya

Wondering how you can make money using your phone? Here is how to use Social media to make money online in Kenya social media isn’t just a platform for sharing photos and connecting...

12 ways Tax Consulting services Will Save You Money

Ever wish you could pay less tax? Who doesn’t, right? In this article, we’ll explore the 12 Top tax consulting services and how they can lower your tax burden saving you tons of...

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The 6 Best Businesses that never fail in U.S

Do you know there are some businesses that never fail? This guide explores six tried-and-tested business ventures in the US that boast low failure rates and promise stable returns

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Do you need to hire a Tax Consultant in 2024-Kenya

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of Kenya’s tax system? You’re not alone. For investors, small business owners, and individuals alike, navigating the Kenya taxation system is challenging. With laws and regulations...

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The best 5 Tax planning strategies in Kenya

Tax planning is not just about crunching numbers and filing returns; it’s a strategic approach to manage your finances smartly. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a small business owner, or an individual taxpayer,...

How To Start a Business With No Money

How to start a successful Business in Kenya: Your FAQs Answered

In this comprehensive guide, we will answer the 20 frequently asked questions (FAQs) about running a successful business in Kenya. Entrepreneurship skills in Kenya and across Africa remain alarmingly low. A significant portion of...

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Discover 10 daily-use lessons in Gerard Nierenberg’s ‘How to Read a Person Like a Book.’ Decode nonverbal cues effortlessly for practical insights into human behavior. A must-read for daily life.