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Which are the best finance books in 2024?

A list of the best finance books in Kenya you should read in your 20s to grow rich financially. They include; The Richest Man in Babylon, Rich Dad Poor Dad,

Portrait of a young African businessman smiling while leaning against his desk in an office and working on a tablet

Is it profitable to register my business in Kenya?

n this post, we give you the pros and cons of running a registered business in Kenya. You will also find a guide on how to register one as well as the common business types in Kenya you can choose.

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Which are the Best Small Business Ideas in Kenya

Are you aware you can turn your creative talents into a money-making small business? Starting a home-based business with handmade products offers endless opportunities for creativity and entrepreneurship. By focusing on products you’re...

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Best Small Machines to Start Your Handmade Business in 2024

Do you know with a small budget of less than $1000 you can venture into profitable manufacturing? Using modern machines? Most governments and NGOs believe that manufacturing is Africa’s answer to wealth and...

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Which are the Most Profitable Recycling Business Ideas In Africa

Are you searching for the most profitable business ideas in Africa that are eco-friendly? Invest in recycling. In the current trend where sustainability and profitability go hand in hand, the recycling business is...

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Which are the Best small machines for a home business

Are you searching for the best small machines to start or expand your home-based business? Starting a home-based business is an exciting venture that offers flexibility, autonomy, and the potential for significant profits....

20 Best Business Ideas to Invest in Africa in 2024

A list of the top 20 social businesses to invest in Africa in 2024. The top business ideas are healthcare. education, employment, clean energy, clean water and food.

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5 Profitable Side Hustles You Can Start Without Money

Looking to start a side hustle in Kenya without any upfront investment? In this blog post, we will explore four profitable small businesses that you can start without putting any money upfront. They...