11 Best Online Marketing Tips and Strategies in 2023

11 tips for online marketing in Kenya to brand & attract more clients to your small business. They are having an ecommerce site, Mobile App, blogging, SEO, SMM.

Looking at ways to improve your product’s visibility, brand equity, customer retention, and profitability? In this guide, we give you 11 tips for online marketing in Kenya to brand and attract more business to your small business.

The strategies combine both traditional and digital marketing methods. As more people work, shop, and basically online, more emphasis on online marketing methods to expand your outreach. These methods will help you to continually inform, remind, and build trust through active engagements with your potential and existing customers right into their smartphones and PC email inboxes.

So what do you need to do? these 12 online branding and marketing services will bring more customers to your business.

Company Website

A website is a must for each and every business enterprise seeking to succeed in today’s competition. Your company website is usually the first interaction most of your potential customers will be able to experience your products or service offers.

Your site must give your visitors two things; a superior user experience through easy navigation and accurate simple answers to sufficiently meet their needs and requirements. To give them those, you need to have a modern website design. According to Lightswitch International a leading web development agency, Other things to remember in website design and hosting are:

  • Use current programming and coding languages for your web pages.
  • Use a mobile-friendly web design
  • Look for a secure hosting service that offers you speed
  • Adequate Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Implement data safety policies.

Mobile Application

Having a mobile app for your business is a unique way of standing out in the modern economy. It is because many business activities are transacted online using smartphones and other handheld devices. It is even made fast mobile use penetration and other technologies like cheap and fast internet, mobile and internet banking, cloud technology, and internet of things.

As a modern marketing strategy have a company app to showcase products and services accept orders and communicate. Using it, you can easily engage, interact and sell your goods and services. You need an app that can run on both Android and IOS operating services.

Mobile apps can be used by businesses in health, education, and fast-moving consumer goods. For service industries like beauty and care, legal, and finance, you can use apps like the Zuiler for clients to book appointments in advance. This keeps them safe by observing social distancing without crowding in your premises.


Ecommerce has been on an upward trend since the introduction of the internet. In 2020 alone, online retail sales accounted for 18 percent of all retail sales worldwide. To boost your sales during and after the pandemic, you need to introduce or expand your e-commerce services.

You can set up and run a B2C or B2B online selling platform. You can have a custom-made platform or use Over counter ones like Shopify, woo-commerce, or Wix. These will help you to display your goods, manage inventory, accept payments, and communicate with customers. Besides you can set a dropshipping business. The ordered goods from your site will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to the buyer at no risk of handling goods.

Social media Marketing (SMM)

Each business must follow its clients into the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The latest data indicate at least 3 billion people will be on social media by end of 2021. One internet user spends an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking, (as of 2019). Use your media presence to engage consumers, generate leads and sales, and interact with existing consumers.

To win in SMM you need an articulated business communication strategy. Your posts will have nice calls to action and well-designed social media messages that can generate traffic to your website or e-commerce site. Comment on the trending topics in your industry to create a brand buzz to boost your search engine rankings. All these interventions are geared towards promoting your sales in the long run.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is nothing that can bring more customers to your business than appearing at position one on every search engine result like Google or Bing. For your web pages to rank high on page one in organic search you need to do a combination of the following:

  • Create high page quality content.
  • Use writers and bloggers with a positive reputation in your industry
  • Your content must meet the needs of your target users or site visitors.
  • Use social networks and online news media to contribute to your website’s referral traffic.
  • Get organic back-links for other web pages linking or referencing your content.

The above initiatives will help to elevate your online visibility and enhance your brand equity in the eyes of the right audience.

Content marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) or paid search is way to way to boost traffic to your site. You will pay advertising fees to search engine and/ or affiliate marketing sites. They will share your adverts, promoted results and sponsored links with their audiences to give you additional traffic.

Additional visitors are likely to convert giving you more revenue. The additional profits will cover for the initial paid search budget and improve your organic search ratings.

Corporate blogging

My guess is that you are likely to have an outdated, dormant or irregularly updated blog site for your company. You are missing on informing your internal and external fans and followers are about the latest developments, press releases and company news. When your story is not shared, it leaves investors, workers and customers careless and disinterested on what you do. In turn it will reflect on poor financial performance.

Blogging is time consuming and requires great dedication. Besides, your content need to be search engine optimized for reputation and correct reporting. at Trailblazers consulting we undertake blogging assignments on your behalf. Our experiences help to create engaging content that keeps your audiences engaged, entertained and interested. You can get a quote from us today.


Your brand needs to be unique and consistent. Your online and print marketing media need to have the same professional standard. Some of the things to develop, revise or edit for start up businesses during this pandemic are

  • A unique memorable brand name separate from your name
  • Create a Logo with a great tagline
  • complete your color, font and graphic themes for all business communication.
  • Revise your brand guidelines, communication standards and the brand book.
  • Continuous use of your branding materials on social media, website and all print media like letters, flyers and infographics.

Online Brochures

Use both print and digital brochures, catalogs, menus, banners, posters, and cards to communicate with your online audiences. Remember to use the brand theme you developed above in all corporate and business promotional materials such as Newsletters and annual reports.

Email Marketing

Email marketing goes hand in hand with e-commerce. You need to develop and share periodical e-news, push notifications, and looking email auto responders for your business.

This whole process of contact management involves the processes of member subscription, generating relevant content, distribution, and carrying out follow-up for informed decision-making.

Event Marketing

Are you having an upcoming major event either corporate or social? Whether it’s a conference or a product launch you can now do it online using online conference tools like Zoom, skype or Google Meet.

You will need a strategy for its marketing, online coverage and post-event activities like followup. For your brand, you need to have social media promotional materials, and e-cards for invitations. An appointment booking platform and Tweeting and Facebook coverage of the event before, during and after the event for maximum outreach to the people who matter to your company.

Analytics & Reporting

As a wise investor you must be interested to understand your Return on investment (ROI) for marketing initiatives. There are various relevant metrics that will assist you to understand which marketing initiatives have huge conversion rates and and should be given a priority focus. In addition your site is a rich source of consumer information for demographic and regional information for future marketing improvements.

Trailblazers consulting limited is a leading online marketing company in kenya. We assist you in specialized marketing services in both traditional and digital media. We offer following most of the above services at affordable rates. You can reach out to us today for a free consultation.

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