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Can you be a good Consultant? Finding your Expert Niche

Are you interested in starting a consulting business in Kenya? In this blog post, we will share best tips and strategies for finding your consulting niche as a business or job in Kenya.

How to Start a Consulting Business in Kenya

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Consulting Business in Kenya from scratch. They are; business plan, business registration, marketing and financial management


How to pay your loans off faster?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss debt management; importance of managing debt, how to assess your debt, and strategies for paying it off. 

How to Make Money fast in Kenya 

In this post we will discuss the best ways of growing wealth in Kenya. The guide is for individuals, families and businesses interested to make money fast for financial freedom.  


How to make money with AI? 

Explore how you can use AI to make money in Kenya. You will learn the positive & negative impacts of AI on small businesses and some of the best technologies.

A student working with computer at workplace table with office tools and cup of coffee, text on monitor screen: Student Loan Application

How to Pay for College Without HELB

In this post, we give you nine methods to fund your college education without a student loan. They are;
savings, scholarships, bursaries, part time & online learning
Study& Work, Start a business
Delay/Defer studies