Introducing Xania: The Best Self-Publishing Platform in Kenya

Are you a writer or author seeking a reliable self-publishing provider in Kenya? 

In the rapidly evolving world of self-publishing, Xania stands out as a groundbreaking digital platform owned by Goelway LLC. Xania aims to reinvent the content value chain, empowering content creators and consumers in Kenya and Africa. With its unique features, user-friendly interfaces, and innovative approach, Xania is the best self-publishing platform in Kenya.

 This comprehensive guide explores the features of Xania Digital Bookstore and its pros. and cons, success rates, benefits, and costs associated with self-publishing on the platform.

Why Choose Xania for self-publishing? 

What is setting Xania apart from other publishers in Kenya? Below is a detailed explainer of the Unique Features of Xania Compared to Other Self-Publishing Platforms

 They include but are not limited to an African focus, print-on-demand services, and a value chain focus giving you all services on publishing from manuscript editing, launch, and distribution.  

  1. Localized Focus: Unlike international platforms like Amazon KDP or Apple Books, Xania is tailored specifically for the Kenyan and African markets. It understands the unique challenges and needs of local authors and readers, providing solutions that are more relevant and effective in this context.
  2. Dual Interfaces: Xania comprises two interfaces – one for authors to create and publish content, and another for readers to access published content. This dual-interface system ensures a seamless experience for both authors and readers.
  3. Technology-Driven Automation: Xania leverages advanced technology to automate and streamline the content value chain. This approach addresses the manual processes and bureaucratic hurdles often faced in the local market, making the self-publishing process faster and more efficient.
  4. Print-On-Demand Services: For readers, Xania offers print-on-demand technology, allowing them to order physical copies of books easily. This feature is crucial for authors who want to reach audiences that prefer print over digital formats.
  5. Community Support and Resources: Xania provides a wealth of resources, including guides, tutorials, and community support, to help authors navigate the self-publishing process. This support is invaluable for first-time authors who may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of self-publishing.
  6. Advanced Features: Similar to other international platforms, Xania gives you detailed analytics and extensive marketing tools

Pros and Cons of Using Xania for Self-Publishing

What are the benefits of using Xania compared to other international platforms like Amazon KDP or Apple Books? Below is a summary of the pros and cons of using Xania for self-publishing in Kenya as a writer.


  • Localized Support: Xania’s focus on the Kenyan and African markets means that authors receive support that is tailored to their specific needs, which is often lacking on international platforms.
  • Ease of Use: The platform’s user-friendly design makes it easy for authors to publish their work without needing extensive technical knowledge.
  • Cost-Effective: Xania offers competitive pricing for its services, making self-publishing accessible to a wider range of authors.
  • Fast Turnaround: using technology to automate processes means that authors can publish their work more quickly compared to traditional publishing methods.
  • Print-On-Demand: The availability of print-on-demand services ensures that authors can cater to readers who prefer physical books, expanding their potential market.


  • Limited Global Reach: While Xania is excellent for local and regional distribution, its global reach is not as extensive as platforms like Amazon KDP or IngramSpark.
  • Growing Recognition: Being a relatively new player in the market, Xania may not yet have the same level of recognition compared to some established platforms.

How does Xania Help You Succeed?

Wondering if Xania will make you succeed in publishing and money-making? 

Well, success rates can be challenging to quantify definitively due to varying definitions of success and the diverse goals of authors. However, Xania offers several advantages that can contribute to higher success rates for authors in Kenya: 

  1. Targeted Audience: Xania’s focus on the Kenyan and African markets means that authors can more easily reach their target audience, leading to higher engagement and sales.
  2. Supportive Community: The platform’s resources and community support help authors improve their work and marketing strategies, which can lead to better sales outcomes.
  3. Efficient Processes: The streamlined and automated processes reduce the time and effort required to publish, allowing authors to focus more on marketing and engaging with readers.
  4. Low competition. Comparatively, while platforms like Amazon KDP offer extensive global reach, they also involve more competition, which can make it harder for individual authors to stand out. Xania’s localized approach helps mitigate this issue, potentially leading to higher success rates for authors targeting local readers.

Which Benefits Will I Get for Self-Publishing on Xania in Africa? 

1. Control Over Publishing: Authors retain full control over their work, from content and design to pricing and distribution. This autonomy allows for greater creative freedom and flexibility.

2. Higher Royalties: Xania offers competitive royalty rates, ensuring that authors receive a fair share of the profits from their sales.

3. Faster Publishing: The automated processes on Xania mean that books can be published more quickly compared to traditional publishing methods, allowing authors to get their work to market faster.

4. Access to Local Market: By focusing on the Kenyan and African markets, Xania helps authors reach readers who may be overlooked by international platforms.

5. Print-On-Demand: The print-on-demand service reduces the upfront costs and risks associated with printing large quantities of books, making it a more sustainable option for authors.

6. Comprehensive Support: Xania provides extensive resources and support to help authors navigate the self-publishing process, from manuscript preparation to marketing strategies.

What are the Costs Associated with Self-Publishing on Xania?

Wondering how much you will spend using Xania publishing and marketing services? Below is a breakdown of common costs that you will incur using Xania.  

1. Publishing Fees: Xania offers a range of pricing options to suit different budgets. These fees cover the cost of using the platform’s publishing tools and services.

2. Editing and Proofreading: While optional, hiring professional editors and proofreaders can improve the quality of the manuscript and increase its chances of success. Xania offers connections to professional services at competitive rates.

3. Cover Design: Investing in a professional cover design is crucial for attracting readers. Xania provides access to experienced designers who understand the local market.

4. Marketing and Promotion: While Xania offers some built-in marketing tools, authors may also want to invest in additional marketing and promotional activities to boost their book’s visibility and sales.

5. Print-On-Demand Costs: Authors pay for the cost of printing each book when using the print-on-demand service. These costs are generally passed on to the reader, but authors need to be aware of them when setting prices.

In conclusion 

Xania is an innovative and promising self-publishing platform designed to meet the unique needs of authors in Kenya and across Africa. Its localized focus, user-friendly interfaces, technology-driven automation, and comprehensive support make it an excellent choice for authors looking to self-publish their work. While it may not yet have the global reach of more established platforms, its benefits for local authors are significant. By providing a more tailored and supportive environment, Xania can help authors achieve their publishing goals and connect with readers in meaningful ways. If you’re an author in Kenya looking to self-publish, Xania offers the tools and support you need to succeed in the growing self-publishing market.

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Tim Mwangi

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